Write for Us

Lately we are seeing an increasing amount of visitors on our blog site and we are taking serious steps to meet the popular demand. Currently we have very few blogger and we are looking for some serious Blogger to join our team.

We don’t mind if you want to write on tech news, programming, tip-tricks, games, movie, software or hardware review but your content must be bulletproof (solid, original, no spell error etc.).

What we want from you?
It’s simple and easy but before anything else, you should know what we are NOT looking for. We are not looking for any research paper writer and frankly, it doesn’t work on our platform. We want individuals who loves, dreams and eats Technology and latest developments on IT industry. Someone, who is passionate about writing on Software, Hardware reviews. We don’t mind even if you want to write a book or music album review. You must be regular (at least 3 post a week) but it’s not like you have to write every day. Long pause (no post within 15 days) might cause cancellation of your account. So, take your time to write.

If you are interested, or got any questions feel free to drop us an email. We will get back to you ASAP.

Note: We are getting overwhelming number of emails regarding guest post. We really appreciate your willingness to write for us but we are not currently accepting any guest post for some reason. Thank you.

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