This web site has started it’s operations way back in 2009. Iftekhar Bhuiyan, is the sole founding member & the owner of this site. However, in recent days we started more like “Community Blogging” approach, which created the opportunity for many bloggers to write on this site based on mutual understandings. Our bloggers are passionate about technology and recent developments on IT industry.

At e-dirts.com, we write on wide range of issues. Starting form software, hardware, app, movies, books reviews to news as well as personal column. We believe knowledge is power but it’s worthless if it’s not shared. We extensively write on “how tos” which we believe would be helpful for many tech enthusiast.

Our goal is to build an open yet very exclusive platform for tech bloggers. Together, we spread the information and knowledge on web because we believe together we can make the differences.

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