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Glary Utilities is may be one of the very best system utilities software out there for Windows user. If you want to clear and optimize your PC or may be if you want improve the privacy & security system of your computer, Glary Utilities is the one stop solution. Today in this post I will talk about this little yet very powerful software. This is absolutely free and it’s very easy to use which will definitely boost the performance of your Computer. So, lets get started.

Glray comes with a bunch of features to tune up your system. Once installed, you will find only two different workable tab menu that will give you the absolute control over its  applications. From the Module tab you will find Cleanup & Repair, Optimize & Improve, Privacy & Security, File & Folders & System tools categories that also includes few more sub categories or functions. All these main categories can perform some specific tune up processing work. Now, lets get little more in details.

1-Click Maintenance: One of the greatest feature of Glary utilities could be it’s “1-Click Maintenance” tab option. You can tweak the performance of your computer just by checking some of the options & by clicking on  “Scan for Issues”. That will do most of the job. If you don’t have time to go through all of it’s robust features from “Module” tab option, 1-Click Maintenance could be the best way out. However, it’s recommended to check out more from the Module tab option for best performance.

Let’s take a look at the module section.

Cleanup & Repair: Every time you open up any specific application software, it creates some temporary files that occupies you disk space & that’s very normal. However, using your computer for pretty long time will definitely creates lot’s of junk files that will keep consuming your hard disk space, which will make your computer running little slower. Not only that, every time you create, modify, delete any file or folders also creates an entry on your registry program. This part of Glary Utilities will help you to clear up some hard disk space and will delete unnecessary registry entries. You can also use “Unistall Manager” to remove any software properly from your computer.

Optimize & Improve: Every time you fire up your computer, it takes some times to load your Windows. Because while booting your computer it also runs some applications behind the scene to make you windows workable. Most of these applications called “Start Up Application”. However, besides windows we also install so many application that we might need to use them once computer logs in to your system. This portion of Glary will let you manage those Startup application, optimize you computer’s memory & defrag your registry entries. Managing start up applications properly will help to boot your computer even faster than before.

Glary UtilitiesPrivacy & Security: At this stage of our life we are highly dependent on Internet & Web technologies. To check your important mails, latest updates from fcebook, twitter, or even simple browsing of different sites saves cookies on your web browser’s temporary folder. However, your favorite web browser keeps the track of your web browsing behavior as well, means every time you visits a new site, your web browser lists those site on it’s history. This portion of Glary will let your erase all sorts of traces, cookies and web browsing histories. You can securely delete any file or even to recover any file that was deleted accidentally. To ensure your files security you encrypt and decrypt any file as well.

Files & Folders: From this option, you can find duplicate files and empty folders that you created before. If you ever need to send any oversize file to someone through email, you got File Splitter & Joiner built in with this software as well. Extensive disk analysis report will show you the disk’s folder allocation system and the percentage of their occupied space from the selected disk drive.

System Tools: Nothing much to talk about it, yet you can find Process Manager which will let you find out the applications running behind the scene. You can also stop them right away if you want to. Internet Explorer Assistant, System Information & Windows Standard Tools are some of the cool functions that you can find here as well.

One click a day for your PC maintenance that will keep you PC away from unnecessary problems. Whether you are a novice computer user or a professionals, Glary’s easy to use & user friendly interface will definitely attract any one. This is an excellent free tool that promises one-click cleanup and optimization and it delivers the same. Optimization doesn’t get any simpler than this. With millions of it’s world wide user, you simply can’t go wrong. Try it today & let me know how was it.

Glary Utilities
License: Free
Category: System Utilities
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/ 7
Publisher: Glarysoft

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