Mozilla finds Chrome Vulnerabilities

by • On Aug 27, 09 18:36pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 21:22pm • 967 Views

Google has served patches for their popular web browser Chrome that fixes some serious security related issues. Google recently said in a Blog Post that with one attack on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, malicious JavaScript on a Web site could let an attacker gain access to sensitive data or run arbitrary code on the computer within a Chrome protected area called the sandbox. They also said a page with XML-encoded information could cause a browser tab crash that could let an attacker run arbitrary code within the sandbox too. Interesting thing is that Mozilla Security had found all these security holes in Chrome, who are basically their counterpart.

If you are using Google’s Chrome make sure your are using the browser with the latest patch (Version It basically retrieves updates automatically right after the installation and applies them when you restart the browser. If you are not sure that which version your are using, then simply remove the browser frorm your computer & install the latest one from here. Happy Browsing.

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