Great features of Mac OS X Lion

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Long anticipated Mac OS X Lion is finally available for download from Mac app store just for $29.99. As of Apple, this OS is offering more than 250 new features that includes Multi-Touch gestures, system wide support for full screen apps, mission control, a bird’s eye view of everything  that is running on your Mac, launchpad, a new home for all of your apps & completely redesigned mail app. These are some of the major improvements that has been added with OS X Lion. Here in this post today we will focus on some of the great features that makes this OS as one of the most powerful desktop operating system.  Now, let’s take a little more in depth view.

Accessibility: The VoiceOver in OS X Lion now includes 22 different languages along with alternatives voices with different dialects such as English (UK), English (Australia) & English (South Africa). However, in addition to the built in voice in Lion, you can also download the higher-quality versions of the language from VoiceOver utility. The screen zoom feature in Lion offers a picture-in-picture view, allowing you to see the zoomed area in a separate window while keeping the rest of the screen at its native size.  VoiceOver also offers improved drag and drop experience for blind users or even for those who are having difficulty seeing. You can also search files or folders using VoiceOver utility.

Address Book: OS X Lion features a different look of it’s address book. You can browse contacts without the clutter of a sidebar or status bar. From now on you can also sync your Yahoo! contacts with your address book & can update your contacts right from your address book instead of logging in to Yahoo! You also can make FaceTime call right from your address book too. You can check your contacts availability from address book along with giving you quick access to their  social network profiles.

AirDrop: This is definitely one of the coolest features of OS X Lion. Using AirDrop you can send files wirelessly to anyone around you. You need to setup anything or it doesn’t require any special settings. You don’t even need to have any Wi-Fi base station to transfer files as it uses peer to peer Wi-Fi technology. AirDrop will find another Mac computers around you automatically. However, it uses TLS  encryption system to make your files more secure. AirDrop creates a firewall between two computer so that random people cant access your computer, for further security it can also use Apple ID to verify the person who is attempting to send any file. To cancel any transfer you can just click on the “X” from the downloads stack.

Auto Save: Another great feature of OS X Lion. Any apps that is developed with Auto Save can automatically save any changes that you make on your document or work, which means in that case you don’t need to save any pre- existing documents after editing. It also can undo any recent changes from the center of the title bar. Creating any duplicate files has never been easier than this, you can make duplicates of any file which will remain right next to the original file. It also can lock any document any time to stop inadvertent changes. If you don’t lock it manually, after two weeks it gets locked automatically.

Electronic Distribution: Purchase any app once from Mac App Store and you are ready to install it on all authorized Mac computers which definitely will make your life much easier. Of course you can share your app with your family members as well as authorizing them to download it.

facetimeFaceTime: Even though FaceTime is not a new technology for many Apple products, yet from now on you can make HD (720p) video calls  from your Mac computer to iPad2, iPhone 4 & with the latest iPod Touch. It will allow you to see FaceTime video in a new full screen window. No matter how you move, it will adjust from landscape to portrait mode automatically & you will also have the option to switch it manually as well. FaceTime will ring all of your Mac at a time if someone tries to reach you, even if your FaceTime is not running on all the Mac you own.

FileVault2: FileVault is a great app indeed. It can encrypt your entire hard disk using XTS-AES 128 encryption system to secure your data on your Mac. However, if you want you can also encrypt your external hard drives (USB & FireWire) as well for greater security.

Full Screen Apps: Just like Apple’s mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch), from OS X Lion you can  run your app on full screen mode. You can even keep multiple full screen apps running at the same time.

Lion Recovery: If you ever need to repair of re-install your operating system, OS X has got some super cool features to help your out. You don’t even need any physical disc to either repair or to re-install your OS. Just hold down  Command-R while your start your Mac & choose what exactly your want to do with the utility software. It does it all, preserving your existing data on your HDD.

Launchpad: Seems like Apple borrowed so many features from it’s popular mobile iOS. Just like your iPhone or iPad’s launchpad you can keep apps on your launchpad for easy access & can create folder on your desktop to organize your apps which will allow your to store more apps without even switching windows. You can even delete apps as you did on your iOS devices.

Mail: One of the greatest improvement of Lion that I loved is it’s new Mail app. Widescreen layout, favorites bar for one click access to your mail folders, thread mails, searching attachment files, Microsoft exchange 2010 supoort, search suggestions & once click archiving system are some of the coolest feature that you can get from this app. Definitely the very best Mail app ever.

Mission Control: This could be another awesome feature of OS X Lion. It will let you bring everything together, starting from an open window to full scree apps and dashboard, you can go back to any app just by clicking on that. It’s more like 360 degree view of your desktop.

Multi-Touch Gestures: Whole lot’s of ways to navigate through web pages to zoom in on any text or images. Even though it’s lot easier way to navigate through but it might take some time to get use to with that, well at least for me.

Photo Booth: As I wrote earlier, OS X Lion borrowed lot’s of features from iOS, photo booth is more like your iPhone’s Photo album. You can capture images or record high definition videos using your built in camera & can edit videos along with adding some effects.

Resume: This is something really new. From Lion, you can restart your Mac without even closing any app. Before restarting your computer OS will pause all the apps and resumes all of them once your Mac starts, which means you don’t need to re-open those app from the very beginning as you would do on your Windows computer. If you don’t like “Resume” feature, you can have a fresh start as well.

mac osx lionScreen Sharing: With OS X Lion, things just gets better and better. Now, take this. You can remotely log in to your Mac, you can read or write files without even interrupting someone who else might be using the very same computer with different user name. Add more, you can authorize anyone who is running OS X Lion Mac, to share your computer’s screen. The authentication process takes place through Apple ID.

Migration: It’s now even more easier than ever before to migrate from your Windows PC to your Mac. Lion will  automatically transfers music, pictures, desktop documents, browser bookmarks, user settings, contacts, calendars, email accounts and even your desktop background.

Well, that’s not all. You got more to read. However, in this post I tried to pick some of the great features of this amazing Apple OS & explain it on my own words. Literally, it is quite impossible to get every single features over here and write about all of them. So, I always encourage everyone to pay a visit to Apple’s homepage to learn more.

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