Leaked Video Suggests Google Now is Coming Soon for iOS Devices

by • On Mar 12, 13 23:45pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 17:31pm • 5173 Views

It’s been quite some time now since Google launched its intelligent personal assistant program for its own Android platform. Google Now is an extension of Android’s native Google Search application. Now it seems like Google is also planning to release its Google Now extension for iOS platform through Google Search app.
Google Now Coming SoonEven though we are not quite sure about this news but today Engadget reported that, a leaked video recently showed up on YouTube which mimics the Google’s “Introducing Google Now” video. However, that video was removed from YouTube later on. Fortunately, that video is still available through Viddler. Engadget uploaded the video on their own Viddler channel.

Chances are there that this video could be a fake one, however if you carefully listen to the voice behind this ad, it sounds like the same voice actress as of the original one. Now, another interesting clue is, most of the time Google released the same app for both the Android and iOS platform. So, there would be no wonder if Google comes up with their new revised Google Search app for iOS. In fact, we think its just a matter of time now. What do you think?

Source: Engadget.

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