Nokia 105 would cost $20 and it can Standby for 35 Days

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Only couple of day’s back we reported on the release of Nokia’s Asha 310 dual SIM based smartphone. Now two weeks later, Nokia has confirmed the release of yet another phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which is being called as Nokia 105.

Nokia 105 Phone in Blue and Black ColorNo, this is not the kind of phone that you might be expecting as a high-end user. This phone doesn’t have your fancy camera to shoot pro level pictures. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi, email, or even the basic MMS functionality. Interestingly, Nokia didn’t even intend to make this phone for high end users at all, rather Nokia followed “Back to basics” principle. They made a phone, which you can use for very basic phone functionalities like making and receiving calls, play simple game in a tiny screen and listen to some of your FM radio channels, that’s it. No music, no videos, no swapping memory cards, nada at all.

But seriously, what really makes this simple phone stands out of ordinary, is its price tag and its amazing battery life time. You can buy this phone for only $20, I mean literally 20 dollar. Its massive 800 mAh battery would let you talk for 12.5 hours at a row or can provide standby time for up to 35 days. And yes, there is a built-in flashlight is also there.

This bare bone phone features a 1.4-inch display with resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. This has a built in memory of 8 MB and as we mentioned earlier, there is no expansion slot which mean there is no other way of adding extra memory at all.

While looking at the specification page for Nokia 105, I barely could find anything noticeable. Perhaps, if you are really interested to buy one of them as your secondary backup phone, you can take a look the specs from here.

Source: Nokia Conversations.

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