Mozilla Firefox 19 is available Now for Download

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Mozilla has released yet another updated version of their popular Firefox browser. For the very first time, Mozilla is also introducing their browser with built in PDF viewer. This is a feature that Firefox was missing for quite some time now over its competitor Google Chrome browser. Back in January 11 2013, Mozilla had confirmed that they would include the built-in PDF viewer on their upcoming release of Firefox.
Mozilla Firefox 19 UpdateOn this new release, Mozilla has added few more features to support HTML5 technologies along with fixing few bugs from previous version. There is also some addition to this release for developers which would definitely benefit web designer or developers as well. You can find the list of updates on this new version from the release notes which was made available for all on Mozilla’s official website.

Mozilla has also updated its browser for Android users under the banner of “Firefox Beta” which also includes some new features like added theme support and support for traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese localizations. The support for HTML5 features remains the same like its desktop browser version. From this version of Firefox beta, Mozilla also lowered the minimum CPU requirement from 800 MHz to 600 MHz which will help older device users to use the latest browser. You can find additional information on Firefox beta from the release notes for mobile browser. Firefox Beta is also available now from Google Play store.

So, if you are using the desktop version of Firefox, you can easily download the new updates over the air or simply head towards the Firefox’s home page from Mozilla’s official web site.

Source: Mozilla Blog

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