How to Backup your Android device without Root Access

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Backing up personal data on your smartphone or tablet device is as important as backing up your data on your computers. In fact now a day it is not any less important to back up your personal data on your Android device than your computer.

Android Official LogoThe way we back up our data on our computer is absolutely different than backing up data on smartphone. Some computer operating system has built in functionality to back up data whereas most mobile OS doesn’t have such functionality.

A developer from XDA Developers group who goes with the user name “omegavesko” has recently introduced a new tool called “Simple ADB Backup”. On a recent posted thread “omegavesko” also shared the download link of his new tool. Simple ADB Backup is GUI based application which can make full backup of your Android based tablet devices that includes smartphone or tablet device. However, he also admitted that this application still has some bug on it and may not work on some HTC One series and Sony phones from 2011.
Simple ADB Backup ToolIf you have Nexus devices, this tool could be really useful as omegavesko himself already tested this tool on such device from Windows 7 and Linux Mint 14 operating system. However, he suggests that the best uses of ADB Backup tool could be backing up device before unlocking the bootloader which wipes the device in normal case. You can also restore your device using this tool.

This tool is still in beta stage so proceed with caution. However, if you still want to download this tool go ahead and download it from the link given below.

Download ADB Backup Tool.

Source: XDA Developers

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