Facebook Unveils Graph Search for its Users

by • On Jan 16, 13 20:01pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 17:44pm • 1595 Views

Facebook just announced a new social search tool for its users which is being called as “Graph Search”. However, this is not like your typical “Google” or “Yahoo!” search engine which is capable of searching contents from online. This new smart search engine from Facebook would allow its users to search contents shared by user’s friends. “We’re not indexing the web,” explained Mr Zuckerberg at an event at Facebook’s headquarters in California.
Facebook Open GraphOne of the most interesting part of this search engine is that the search result would be totally different for each user. The search result is entirely dependent on the keywords and the user’s relationship with its friends and their possible interest on various topics.

This search technology can also be used to find information regarding users which includes images, status updates, location data, likes etc. User would be able to find people based on things they have shared and their profile info.

However, it won’t sacrifice your privacy. Only that information would appear on search result that was set to “Public” from your profile. It also means that you would have absolute control over the data that you are sharing.

“On graph search, you can only see content that people have shared with you,” developer Lars Rasmussen, who was previously the co-founder of Google Maps, told reporters.

Facebook will start this beta program for English (U.S.) audiences first. However, if you would like to try out this feature when it becomes available in your area, you can join the waiting list.

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