Bollywood Movie: New York

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Bollywood movie “New York” was released back in 2009. Basically I don’t have much time to watch movies, even though I do watch movies.. a lot. However, during my last spring break I had time to watch this Bollywood movie. One of my Indian friend was keep telling me to watch it, he thought I might like it. To be honest with you all, I really didn’t think I would like it. I know from it’s name it will show some New York’s famous places that I know pretty well. However, when I finished watching this movie, I got totally different impression about “Bollywood” movies. Some good works are really being done back in India. I loved this movie & I think we all should watch it. It really does worth of watching, even though it was bit long. Anyway lets digg it.

Director: Kabir Khan
Starring: John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Neil Mukesh, Irrfan Khan.
Released: June 26, 2009

Plot: Movie starts with the chase of  a taxi cab in new york city which is owned by Omar(Neil Mukesh), an Indian immigrant who came to U.S. with a scholarship for his Masters program at New York State University. Guns & ammunitions were found on his taxi cab and Omar gets arrested by FBI for interrogation. FBI agent Roshan(Irfan Khan) wants to know more about him & his friends especially about Sam(John Abraham). Omar tries not to talk about Sam as it reminds him about the weakness of Maya(Kartina Kaif) for Sam. At some point Omar starts talking about their university lives and how he met with Maya & Sam.

However, Sam, Maya & Omar were very good friends while they were graduate students. Omar fell in love with Maya, but Maya was already in love with Sam. Ever since, Omar tries to distant himself from Maya & Sam. Meanwhile the terrorist attacks of 11th September takes place. FBI agents arrests Sam on probable charges of having connection with terrorists. Sam denies it over and over again but FBI torture continues to get information regarding his connection with terrorists. Later on, Sam gets released as FBI couldn’t find any reliable information about Sam’s probable connection with terrorists. Sam goes back to his normal life & gets married with Maya, but he plans to take revenge.

Sam was on FBI’s watch list and they were looking for someone who is very close to Sam, but he/she would work for FBI to get information regarding his plans. That was the reason Omar was framed so that he agrees to work for FBI. At initial stage Omar denies but agreed to work for them later on. After some times, Omar discovered that Sam is really upto something really bad. He tries to save Sam but dramatically Maya & Sam both gets shot by FBI snipers. This is all about it.

Final Words:
I really liked this movie, full of suspense. Not a “Typical Bollywood Movie” full with dance and music but definitely it was bit long. Very interesting & must watch.

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