Looking Forward to 2013

by • On Jan 1, 13 15:37pm, Updated: Jan 10, 13 1:00am • 2176 Views

2012… today is the end for it. Ending all word of mouth, 2012 gripped with no curiosities twisting to a reality. The most snooping hear say of 2012 was ‘the end of this gorgeous globe’. As so-so, 21st of December 2012 witnessed the glorious dawn and dusk. Mass waiting to witness the closing, were put down.

Leave the gossips and enter into reality, see 2012. It was a fantastic year.

  • February 6th Queen Elizabeth celebrated her ‘Golden jubilee of her ascension to the throne’.
  • November 6th Barack Obama re-elected as President of USA.
  • August 6th Rover Curiosity lands on Mars successfully.
  • July 27th London witnessed The Great Olympic Games.
  • December 12th North Korea launches Long Range rocket.
  • May 7th Vladimir Putin sworn in as President of Russia.

The above said are some of the dazzling moments of 2012. We celebrated it putting away the stinginess. As each year, celebrations go on. As the golden moments of 2012, each will have memorable events in their life. Commemorate it. Life is for enjoyment. The moment gone is gone forever without a come back. Never miss it.
Happy New Year 2013Now it’s time for 2013. Welcome it with a big heart and hand. See it with a novel look. Do something different and be different. Let the New Year renew you. Put away your eagerness, lethargy, close your eyes, take deep breath, empty your heart and fill it with wonderful moments. It will boost you. Move forward with no back steps. The whisper of your heart ‘I’m the successful’ swing in your ears’. 2013 is yours….

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