Spin Palace Tomb Raider

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There are very few video games in the World which were portrayed in Hollywood’s Silver screen. If you were asked by someone to name some of those games, I am pretty sure Tomb Raider would be on your list.
Spin Palace Tomb Raider App for iOSWhether it’s because of Lara Croft or ever green Angelina Jolie, I personally played the games and watched the movie as well. Well, who can resist watching Jolie on silver screen anyway?

Ever since Lara Croft came into reality through video games, it has been become an icon of the Gaming industry. From Gaming console to Computer and now as mobile app, Tomb Raider remained as popular as it was back in late 90s.

Recently, I came across a new game on iTunes store called “Spin Palace Tomb Raider”. This is a slot game from Spin Palace. So, I quickly installed it on my iPhone to try it out and seriously I was pretty impressed from the very beginning. Even though one of the most boring part was to register for the game but trust me it does worth of spending little time to enjoy a free game. As soon as you finish the registration your account will automatically qualify for welcome bonus worth of £1000.

However, most probably the best thing about this app is that it loads really fast. Part of the reason behind this is the implementation of HTML5 technology. If you ever played Tomb Raider series games on your console or computer, you already know that it takes whole lots of time just to load the game. No worries, you would be back on the game after the registration real quick.
Spin Palace Tomb Raider Slots TwoThe graphics and the sound of this game are amazingly vivid and pleasant to watch or listen. This game consists of five reel, fifteen payline and seventy five coin slot which definitely claim a top position among others mobile casino games.

I was pretty amazed to see, how easy it was to earn bonus and to get reward points. All you need to do is just swipe. Yes, it is as easy as it can get. On bonus mode, you will get five free spins and that’s when Lara Croft shows up on your screen and shots down part of your game. Well, that’s how we know her isn’t it?

Overall, it is a great free game for iOS devices. Whether you are using an iPod Touch or iPad, it equally works great. And yes, if you are using Android devices your are not being left alone either. You can also try out the Spin Palace Mobile Slots app from Google Play which is also free to download.

Our Rating: 4/5.

Download Spin Palace Tomb Raider from iTunes

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