Skype for Windows Mobile 8 Preview is Ready

by • On Nov 13, 12 0:24am • 1428 Views

There is no doubt in my mind that Windows Mobile 8 will be around for quite some time. I am not going into any debate on that issue but I can assure you that so far general impression of WM8 in the market it pretty good. I am expecting to write on this subject matter anytime soon.

Skype app for Windows 8Now, if you are one of those hardcore Skype fan and planning to get Windows Mobile 8 based smartphone or already got one, this is the post for you.

Today Microsoft has launched its native Skype app for Windows Mobile 8 based devices. Let’s not forget that it is not the final version for WM8, rather a preview app which means this app yet to go through extensive testing and bug fixings. However, Microsoft openly admitted that actual experience of this app will be improved over time.

You might have known by now that Microsoft is planning to phase out its popular Windows Live Messenger soon in favor of Skype. At least the “What’s New” section of Skype app indicates the reality. However, existing Live Messenger user would be able to user their existing ID to login to Skype. From that point of view, if you are using WLM right now, migrating towards Skype would most probably be the smartest decision.

Skype app ScreenshotEven though this app is being called and optimized for Windows Mobile 8 platform, it also supports Windows Mobile 7.5 based devices as well. Any 3G or WiFi internet connection user would be able to enjoy the rich features of this app.

You can download Skype 2.0 Windows Mobile 8 Preview from here.

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