Mozilla is testing out a new Stub installer for Firefox

by • On Oct 14, 12 12:43pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 17:48pm • 1851 Views

In many ways Mozilla has chromisized and operized the Firefox and of course it is a good thing, thus browser get more improved just like other browsers. So now Firefox developers are testing out a new of way of installation for Firefox for Windows, called as Stub.

Firefox Stub Installer - Main Window

Stub is a lightweight installer, very similar to Google Chrome‘s one. A very small executable file, mostly less than 1 MB, that users have to download. By running this installer it will download rest of the Firefox browser and install it.

It is a good way to install a software because the user can always use the same executable to install the latest version of the software.

Unlike the Google Chrome, Firefox’s Stub installer allows users to change destination folder of the installation, where to put the shortcuts and whether to make the browser default or not. Thank you Mozilla not to forget about the users’ freedom of choice.

Firefox Stub Installer - Options

May be more options would be implemented in future, like local language and other component selection, pause and resume the installation.

Firefox Stub Installer - Installation

But still I would not recommend this online installer if the user wants to install the browser in multiple computers. Well, it is sure that Mozilla will also provide the same old standalone (offline) installers. What do you think?

If you are interested to check out Stub installer grab it from below:

Note, these are for testing purpose and available in English only. Report bugs here or simply email it to To know more about how to test them go through this blog post on Mozilla QA.

Happy testing.. :)

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