New Bird Strike solution has been Introduced by NEC

by • On Oct 11, 12 21:11pm • 2224 Views

On January 15, 2009 an US Airways flight 1549 had to make emergency landing at the Hudson river after the Aircraft’s engine gets hit by the Canada geese during its take off. All of its 155 passenger were evacuated safely later on. Unfortunately not all flights accepts the same fate like this one.

Bird Strike occurs every now and then and it creates security hazard for most of the Airport throughout the world. Especially, during take off and landing time when the aircraft flies at low altitude. Even at high altitude a bird strike can cause serious damage to be aircraft’s body or even can cause accident.
Bird Strikes Airplane EngineWorld known NEC Corporation has recently introduced new Bird Strike solution which they believe will reduce the threat of collision between birds and aircraft during the take off and landing time. This system is being called as “Bird Position Detection Solution” which monitors the airport and its surrounding areas. It also monitors the presence of birds continuously and collects data on the type of birds flying over the Airport.

Collected information will be sent to the “bird patrol” staff of the Airport to monitor and take necessary measures to control the presence of birds. This is the simple idea behind the NEC’s new technology. This solution has already been adopted by Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport).

NEC Bird Strike SolutionMasahiro Takahashi, General Manager of Air Transportation Solutions Division at NEC said,”The introduction of NEC’s new solution helps to ensure the early detection of birds by continuously monitoring airports and their surroundings, which enables greater efficiency in the implementation of control measures, This solution is particularly valuable for reducing the occurrence of bird strikes at airports that operate 24 hours a day and are faced with the difficulty of visually confirming bird sightings during long nighttime hours.”

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