Apple confirms new iTunes to be available by October

by • On Sep 13, 12 23:09pm • 1083 Views

With the blessings of all the great Apple products, iTunes has become one of the most popular and widely used music and video player, organizer and downloading software. Regardless all the new products from Apple over the last couple of years, iTunes remained pretty much the same at least in terms of its graphical user interface. However, every now and then we saw minor changes on the latest version of iTunes. Now, it seems like Apple has finally made its mind to bring some major changes on iTunes.

As far as the new design goes, it seems like the new iTunes would be pretty much straight forward and very clean to look at, something that many users were craving for pretty long. Well, Apple has responded back on its website.

Apple promises a redesigned player which they claimed to be something that we never seen or used before. Apple states, “iTunes now features simplified views of exactly what you want. Looking for an album? Click Music and that’s all you’ll see. Do the same for movies, TV shows, apps — and everything else. It’s browsing made more intuitive.”
Redesigned iTunesApple also added a new MiniPlayer which will let users to enjoy music track without even opening their music library. On the mini player users would be able to search their library and also can see a list of music tracks which would be playing next.

Exploring music albums would be even easier on the new iTunes. Once clicked on a music album, instead of opening a new window, a sliding window will appear underneath the album cover image displaying the list of tracks and a list of recommended tracks will appear.

Another new addition would be “Preview History”. Every time you preview any song or movie, Preview History feature will keep the record of them and display them again whenever you want check back.

iCloud is also being integrated deeply with iTunes. Along with accessing all of your purchased contents from iCloud in online, from now on you would be able to download them and enjoy it later even if you are in offline. Obviously, you can enjoy your purchased content from all of your Apple products.

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