Ustream’s new iPhone App would broadcast Live Video on Facebook

by • On Aug 16, 12 23:41pm • 1276 Views

World known live video streaming web site Ustream has recently announced to launch a new iPhone app which will let its users to broadcast live streaming video on their Facebook Timeline. Once registered, user can use this app from their device to capture live videos and it can be broadcasted straight from the user’s Facebook profile. Interesting part is, existing Ustream users would need to create a new account to broadcast videos. The fact of the matter is, you must user your regular Facebook log in credentials to register and to use this new app as the App would need to validate your Facebook account first.

Ustream's new iPhone App Launch SiteThis new upcoming app is being called as “Broadcast For Friends” or BFF. Regardless the fact that Ustream is behind this great effort but for some unknown reason they separated their original services with this app’s services. However, Ustream Inc. assured that its infrastructure is quite capable of handling millions of simultaneous live broadcasts just like its original services.

BFF app was supposed to be available from iTunes store by today. However, even after waiting all day long I couldn’t find the app from iTunes store. Now, the possible features of this app besides broadcasting video are yet to be unveiled. As far as we are concern, users would be able to broadcast unlimited number of videos and there won’t be any specific time frame of the video either. Facebook friends would also be able to make live comment as the streaming continues. And yes, iPad users can also use this app to stream live videos.

Ustream already promoted their new launch site ahead of the app’s launch.

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