Parts Comparison of iPhone 4S and the Upcoming iPhone 5

by • On Aug 15, 12 23:47pm • 3963 Views

By the end of July, we reported on the possible leak of iPhone 5 housing that appeared on many we sites. A Japanese web site called “iLab Factory” was behind the leaked video and images. Now, we just figured that another tech based French web site already posted few images of possible iPhone 5 body parts way before iLab factory.
White iPhone 5These parts include volume control, home and power button along with the SIM tray. Personally, I wasn’t quite amazed by all those pictures and the videos but what really grabbed my attention is the SIM card tray of iPhone 5. Why? It is being reported that the SIM tray of iPhone 5 would be even smaller than the iPhone 4/4S’s micro SIM tray which is being called as Nano SIM card tray. To support their report, NowhereElse also attached an image on their post which shows the comparison between iPhone 4/4S’s SIM tray with the upcoming iPhone 5 ones. Take a look at the picture attached below.
Nano SIM tray of iPhone 5 with iPhone 4S tray

Image Source: NowhereElse

The newer SIM tray indicates that very soon, we will see Nano SIM cards from U.S. based carriers and most probably AT&T would be the first one to launch such SIM card. Meanwhile the European Telecommunications Standards Institute has already accepted the Apple’s proposal for Nano SIM card as the new standard. European cellphone operators would be gearing up soon to follow the standard and most probably the entire process would take place right after the launch of the iPhone 5.

Now, back to the iPhone body parts. Among all the parts that are being displayed on NowhereElse’s web site, it seems like SIM tray would get the major changes on upcoming iPhone 5. However, there are some minor changes as well. Such as, the power button of the new iPhone seems to be little smaller than the older ones at least in terms of its height. Volume control button didn’t get any changes except its color and the home button on iPhone 5 could be slightly smaller than the current iPhone 4/4S’s ones which is not noticeable. See the video for more details.

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