Apple’s Domination: One in every 9 American owns an iPad

by • On Aug 12, 12 20:35pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 17:50pm • 1181 Views

There are no wonders that Apple’s iPad is one of the most successful tablet devices in existence. Whether it is abroad of Apple’s home market, you name it and Apple dominates there. Recent court battle between Apple and Samsung has provided the actual sales figure of iPad. This information reveals that Apple is still dominating the tablet market within the United States.

Apple iPad UserEver since Apple released its iPad, they managed to sell well over 34 million units of it within the U.S. which is roughly the number of one tenth of its total population. So, from that point of view one can easily say that one in every ten person owns and iPad. If you want to be little more conservative on this regard, it’s pretty much safe to say one in every nine person.

Now, let’s get back to the data once again. 34 million unit of iPad brought nearly $19 billion in revenue for the tech giant. On the other hand, its rival Samsung managed to sell around 1.4-1.5 million units of its Galaxy Tab within the United States and secured $644 million in revenue.

All these data were submitted to the San Jose, CA court where both the company is fighting legal battle over patents issues. The sales data shows that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab was at its peak in the last quarter of 2011. During that period of time Samsung sold over 347 thousands of units. However, the second quarter of 2012 was its worst s sales period and sold only 37 thousands of units only.

Interesting enough, Apple’s strongest sales period was the second quarter of 2012. They sold over 6 million units by that period of time. Whereas its weakest sales was recorded at the first quarter of 2011 when they sold 1.9 million of units.

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