Toshiba announced the Launch of 3TB 3.5 inch HDD

by • On Aug 8, 12 6:02am • 1167 Views

World known computer hardware manufacturer Toshiba Corporation has announced the launch of a new family of 3.5 inch multi-terabyte hard disk drives. On a news release, Toshiba has confirmed the official launch of their new HDD product line. Focusing on the consumer market over enterprises, Toshiba will release four series of high performance models with a total of 12 variants.
Toshiba DT01ACA300 Hard Disk Drive of 3TBThe capacities of these hard disk drives will range from 250GB to 3TB. There would be 1.5TB and 2TB solutions as well.

As a part of the recent transaction deal, Toshiba has recently acquired some manufacturing equipment from the United States based Western Digital Corporation. This equipment will be used to produce the new family of hard drives which will also be shipped to the United States by the end of this month. It is being expected that later on Western Digital would eventually release these drives for U.S consumer market.

As the demand for higher capacity of hard disk drives goes up, Toshiba believes that their new drives would be capable to meet the growing demand for home users along with the entertainment industry.

The DT01ACA300 (3TB), DT01ACA200 (2TB) and DT01ACA150 (1.5TB) models would be released focusing on the high performance desktop PCs. Expected rotational speed of these drives will be 7,200 rpm. On the other hand “V” series drives would be highly optimized for digital video recorders. Toshiba claims that at a rotational speed of 5,700 or 5,940 rpm over 7,200 rpm, consumers would be able to reduce the power consumption by 19%-25%.

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