Intel is the No. 1 user of Renewable Energy in the United States

by • On Aug 3, 12 23:48pm • 1360 Views

Every year United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA publishes various rankings of companies, business, government agencies, college & universities that use renewable energy. Among all the categories “National Top 50” is most prestigious one that goes without even saying. Since 2008, Intel continuously is ranking as the number 1 company in the United States in that category. But this year EPA also published a list of top 20 tech companies that uses renewable energy.

Inter and EPA Partnership LogosGuess what? Intel also ranks as the no. 1 tech company within the United States. No wonder that Microsoft Corporation and Cisco Systems, Inc. ranked second and third accordingly. Among Intel’s top competitors, Advance Micro Devices’s Texas facility also ranked 9th place within the list.

Intel bought nearly 2.8 billion kilowatt hours of green power, which is over 89% of their total energy usage. This number is more than double of it’s nearest competitor which is Microsoft itself. The company bought 1.1 billion kilowatt hours of green power which is around 46 percent of it’s total usage. You can find more information on this from the EPA’s partner’s profile page of Intel.

Technology based web site Tom’s Hardware recently reported that, “Intel is inching closer toward the goal of covering 100 percent of its corporate power use,”. It also added that, “Somewhat surprising may be the fact that Google is not quite as green as the perception may indicate. All those solar panels on Google’s roof and wind turbines hardly show any impact: Google acquires only 103 million kWh per year—which is about 5 percent.”

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