Possible iPhone 5 Enclosure’s Images Pops up on Many Web Site

by • On Jul 31, 12 22:41pm • 3167 Views

We are still far away from official release of upcoming iPhone 5 but it seems like some people are losing their patients. Well, I am one of them as well. So many unofficial images are already circulating around the web world.

A Japanese web site named “iLab Factory” has recently posted some images of an iPhone like device’s parts, which they claim could possibly be the part of upcoming iPhone 5. Somehow they also managed to get the entire case of iPhone 5 as well. Take a look at the image given below.
iPhone 5 Case RevealedThe images reveal some major changes on upcoming iPhone. After the huge success of iPhone 4 and 4S, it seems like iPhone 5 would be leaving its old plastic case and would be introducing aluminum case instead.

Another major change would be its USB sync and charging port. The typical 30 pin USB data cable might get replaced by mini USB port. Headphone port might get placed at the bottom of the device near by the USB port. Even thinner and lighter form factor over iPhone 4 and 4S is also being expected. Even though we are not quite sure yet but it is safe to say that we are not going to miss the volume control button anytime soon. Nothing really mentioned about the camera but you can easily expect a 1080p HD camera with a front facing one. Here is a little video by iLab Factory. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to let us know your view on this.

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