Facebook Messenger Now Supports Windows XP and Vista

by • On Jul 29, 12 12:34pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 17:51pm • 1967 Views

Ever since Facebook released their official Messenger client software for Windows computers, complain was there that the software doesn’t support little older operating Systems like Windows Vista and XP. Last year in December when we reported on the initial release of Facebook Messenger, we also noticed this compatibility issue and let our readers know about it before they make the final decision.

Facebook Messenger LogoInteresting enough, Facebook silently released the updated version of their Messenger software which supports most of the Windows platform available in the market right now. Yes, that includes your favorite Windows XP as well.

Last night, when I was browsing through some Facebook updates from my friends and few pages, I noticed a yellowish bar all the way top of the screen which was asking me if I am interested to install Facebook messenger. Even though I knew it doesn’t support Windows XP yet I thought to give it a shot. Somehow, I finished installing the messenger and it worked without any major issues. Here is a little screenshot of Facebook Messenger running on my Windows XP machine. Fantastic, right?
Facebook Messenger Running on Windows XPNothing special about it but it simply works just like before. This time, Facebook also mentioned that their messenger support Windows XP and Vista on their official Help Center page.

I am not a huge fan of Facebook Messenger. So, regardless the latest update of Facebook Messenger, I will continue to use Pidgin as my Facebook Messenger which is still pretty functional and works right out of the box. If you are interested you can also check out my post on How to Use Pidgin as Your Facebook Messenger. However, you are more than welcome to try the new Facebook Messenger and let us know how was your experience with it.

Download Link: Facebook Messenger for Windows

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