Google Launches 1Gbps Internet Service in Kansas City

by • On Jul 26, 12 23:40pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 17:51pm • 1241 Views

It might sound like too good to believe but Google made it happen. Finally, Google is ready to provide 1Gbps internet connection to the residents of Kansas City. If you guys are following Google’s Fiber Blog updates then you should have known by now that last week on a blog post Google confirmed that they are about to launch their 1Gbps Internet Service in Kansas City. Google named their super-fast internet connection as Google fiber.

Google Fiber Internet ServiceGoogle Fiber’s official website is now ready and accepting “Pre-Registration” application from the Kansas City’s residents only. Let’s not forget that this is an on demand premium internet service.

Google mentioned on various places that their internet connection would be 100 times faster than typical American broadband connections. Well, American average broadband connection is bit slower compare to many European nations anyway. Now, lets get back to Google. They are offering three different plans for the users. The Gigabit Internet + TV is for $120 a month excluding $300 construction fee as they will waive it for a two year contract. The TV service will give you options to have a wide range of cable channels. Under this plan, you will have a storage box of two terabytes capacity which you can use to record your favorite movies or TV shows. However, if you are only interested for the Internet connection, you can simply pay $70 monthly fee. Waived construction fee policy also applies for this services as well.

One of the most interesting part of Google’s total internet deal is that you can have a free internet connection which will require you to pay the $300 construction fee only. You would get a normal 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speed based connection. I mean seriously, there is no point of giving you a free 1Gbps internet connection which is 100 times faster than a typical one.

You can find more information on this issue from Google Fiber’s home page.

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