Top 5 Absolutely Free Image Optimization Tool for Site Admins

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I compare textual contents as if it is the brain and Images as the heart of the web world. Whether it is a blog or a corporation’s web site you are dealing with, you need images. But quite often, we as a web designer or developer tend to forget that we are uploading thousands of images on our site making it even heavier every day. But little effort on image optimization can make your site way faster than many others.

Today, in this post I will share such 5 image optimization tool that you really should take a look at.I personally; prefer web applications over software’s for one very simple reason. Yes, you don’t need to install them on your computer. They are easy to access and you can literally use them from any computer with an internet connection. No compatibility issues what so ever. However, it comes at a price. Yes, you can’t get all the robust and essential features like many software has, yet it could be really handy when you need them right away.

Ok, enough intro. Let’s dig it.

1. Dynamic Drive Image Optimizer
This is one of the very best online Web application to optimize images. Whether your image is in JPG, GIF or in PNG format, it supports all of them. It would let you optimize images from any web URL or you can even upload images from your computer.
Dynamic Drive Image Optimization Tool
Another great feature of this online tool is that you can convert the file format while you are optimizing your images. Say, if you want to convert a GIF file into JPG or PNG or even vice versa, you can do it easily. Simply select the desired file format from the drop down menu and click on “optimize” button. I would recommend you to check the “show all results” option as well. It will display a number of images of the same image that you are optimizing at different compression ratio and file size. You can choose the one that best fits you need.

2. Image Optimizer
Simply, another great web application for image optimization. Even though it won’t let you optimize images from any web URL but you still can upload images and get your things done. From the drop down menu you can select any option your need, depending on whether the quality of the image or the file size does matter to you. If you are not quite sure you can always go with “Normal” mode.
Image Optimizer Web ToolIf the resolution of your image is too big, you can also resize it from Max height and width input field.

3. Yahoo is a very straight forward tool. You don’t have any choice over here. Simply upload or enter the URL of your image. would do the rest. All you have to do is to download the image back to your computer and user them. How cool is that?
Yahoo App

4. JPEG & PNG Stripper
This is one of my favorite image optimizing software. As you can see from its name, this software doesn’t deal with another popular image format GIF. However, I am more than happy with this little tool. Ever since I got know something about image optimization, I started using this program. I am using this little wonder for a number of years now. Most of the images on this blog site were also optimized by JPEG & PNG Stripper. It is very straight forward, simple yet very powerful software. You don’t need to locate any image from this software.
JPEG & PNG StripperSimply select the options that you want it to perform then drag n drop the image on its interface. Bam! You are done. Best part of all, it’s absolutely free and doesn’t require any sorts of installation. I am pretty confident that you will love it. Wanna bet?

5. Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT)
This software needs no introduction, I think you can get the idea from its name. This a very small, light weight and free image optimization tool available out there. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to optimize images for serious web related works.
Radical Image Optimization ToolIf you want to optimize 1 or 1000 images, this is the software for you. Just take a look at the screenshot, a 434kb image was crushed and reduced to less than 17kb maintaining 80% of it’s original image quality. Did you get the idea? Yes, it is Radical.

Oh! one more thing, this software is also more than capable of removing your image metadata. You can also convert image file format and can do some other very interesting things like flipping or rotating the image itself. Just give it a shot. I think this is one of the very best tool that you can have for image optimization without spending a dime.

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