Toshiba Launches Industry’s Highest Capacity 10.5k RPM 2.5 Inch HDD

by • On Jul 15, 12 23:04pm • 1082 Views

World known computer hardware manufacturer Toshiba has recently launched their Enterprise class 2.5-inch hard disk drive. The capacity of this hard disk is 900GB with a rotation speed of 10,500RPM, which Toshiba claims to be the highest capacity HDD in its class as of today.

Toshiba 900gb 2.5 inch HDDTokyo based Toshiba Corporation has recently confirmed of about their upcoming 2.5-inch HDD on a news release. Even though Toshiba didn’t mention any specific date but they also confirmed that the shipment of this new hard disks will start from August.

Toshiba named this drive as AL13SEB900 which features improved magnetic recording head and disk magnetic layer with an areal density of 856Mbit/mm². The internal data transfer rate of this hard disk (286mb/s) would be approximately 32% faster over it’s previous generation which was name as MBF2600RC. This success was achieved due to the improved liner recording density.

For the very first time Toshiba would also include dual-stage head positioning actuator, which they claims would improve the head positioning accuracy by approximately 30%. Toshiba believes, in Enterprise level the demand for 2.5-inch hard disk is growing over standard 3.5-inch because of it’s smaller size and less power consumption features. The AL13SEB900 family hard disk consumes 41% less power over it’s predecessor. This feature also makes this drive compatible with the European Union’s RoHS directive and is Halogen-Free/Antimony-Free.

The corporation promises to meet the demand for enterprise applications, such as servers and storage system by focusing and enhancing their 2.5-inch HDD products line up.

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