Hardkernel Released Android Developer Board ODROID-X for $129

by • On Jul 14, 12 17:33pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 17:03pm • 1521 Views

A South Korean Company named Hardkernel which basically offers a wide range of Android Developers kit has recently released a newer board called “ODROID-X”. Just because their products are basically Android based doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheap in any way, in fact most of their Developer kits are pretty expensive. However, for the first time Hardkernel released a cheaper version of their Adroid Developers board which is pretty much affordable for many developers.

ODROID-X Board by HardkernelTheir latest ODROID-X board features a Samsung 1.4 GHz Exynos 4412 Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor. You will also find 6 USB ports, 1GB of RAM, full size SDHC card slot, 10/100Mbps Ethernet connection, audio codec with headphone and microphone jack and Mali 400 graphics chipset. For all these features on a tiny little board, you have to pay only $129 which is way cheaper than most of their development boards.

Few other accessories are also available for developers which they can purchase from the Hardkernel’s official web site. Among other accessories a Wi-Fi module, LCD module, Camera module, USB-UART module, Bluetooth module etc. are pretty interesting.

Amazingly, this small board is quite capable of performing most of the day to day tasks that you may perform on your home computer. Web browsing, playing games, watching videos, you name it. Hardkernel has also demonstrated that this little board can run full-fledged Ubuntu 12.04 Operating system on it. Check out their YouTube video.Now, let’s not forget that this little board is packed with a powerful ARM processor which clocks 1.4GHz and that’s one of the fastest ARM processor we are talking about here.

Personally I am pretty much blown away by the performance of this little board. Like it or not, there are no doubts that ARM is making its way to power most of the tablet and mobile devices on upcoming days. For more videos of this little wonder just go to YouTube and do little search.

Let us know, what you think of about this Board or ARM processor as a whole.

(Source & Image Credit: Hardkernel)

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