Nokia Releases Twitter App for Series 40

by • On Jul 12, 12 23:40pm • 1075 Views

For the very first time, world known cell phone manufacturer Nokia has released “Twitter” app for their Series 40 phones. Today, on Nokia’s Conversation blog post Adam Fraser has confirmed the availability of this app from Ovi store. So, if you are one of those Series 40 cell phone user, you can straight head towards the Ovi store and can download the app right now!

Twitter App for Nokia Series 40When most of us are quite busy with our latest iPhone or Android devices, someone might think that what so especial about releasing Twitter app for a phone? We already enjoying our Twitter app on most of our Smartphones for long. It is true but fact of the matter is, having Twitter app on a Nokia’s Series 40 phone compare to your iPhone or Android phones are not quite same thing.

If you are not quite familiar with Nokia’s Series 40 phones, you can find some helpful information on this Mobile Operating System from Wikipedia or little Google search would be good enough.

Initially Series 40 Mobile OS was officially released back in 1999. Ever since Nokia has sold well over 1.5 billion of Series 40 based mobile phones all over the world.

Back to App, the most exciting part of all is that this App has most of the features that you may find on a typical Smartphone now a days. You can post your own Tweets and follow others’ Tweets. There’s also the @Connect feature to see your mentions and new followers.

Nokia has also confirmed that future Series 40 phones will have this App preinstalled.

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