Another Android Malware Appears Causing Widespread Panic

by • On Jul 9, 12 23:56pm • 1902 Views

Android Malware is not a new topic for many Android users. It is a growing threat which is causing havoc among Android users and it seems like things are not getting any better. TrustGo, a mobile security company has recently uncovered a new malware that can download paid Apps and contents from China Mobile’s Mobile Market (M-Market) without the user’s knowledge. The company named it as “MMarketPay.A”.

Android Malware IconOn a recent blog post TrustGo has confirmed that this malware is out there and has already infected well over 100 thousands of Android devices. The malware spreads through downloading Apps from already infected nine App Stores (nDuoa, GFan, AppChina, LIQU, ANFONE,, TalkPhone, and AZ4SD). Once you install app from these stores, the malware bypasses the M-Market’s SMS security step and begins placing online orders and downloading contents.

Luckily, the chances of spreading this Malware beyond Chinese users are pretty low unless for some weird reason you want to download some Chines apps from those infected App stores. I mean seriously, you already have Google Play, isn’t it? Perhaps this could be one simple reason why you shouldn’t download apps from here and there.

If you are relying on Google Play only for your Apps, you are much safe. However, if you see some random apps on your device that you can’t recognize, you got something to worry about. Disconnect your device from the internet connection right away and take necessary steps to save yourself. There would be no wonder if you see a heavy statement coming from your bank end of the month. Good luck guys, stay safe.

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