Battery Memory System Status Monitor Review

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Battery Memory System Status Monitor or simply BMSSM is one of those applications that will give you details information about your device. As you can tell from it’s naming, this application literally leaves nothing behind. As soon as you launch this app, you might get overwhelmed with many graphs and numbers at first sight. However, if you spent little time with this app, everything will become crystal clear to you. Let’s digg it.

Battery Memory System Status Monitor AppThis application is basically divided into four different sections starting from Summary, Process, System and Network which you can access from the top bar of the main window. Remember that these sections are only available for smaller devices like iPhone and iPod touch. On the other hand if you are using iPad you would find Summary, Process and System related information are available on the main screen. You can view Network related information simply by sliding System window. Now let’s talk about the functions of these sections.

Summary: On this window at first you will see moving bars that shows the total CPU Usage and also its numerical expressions in percentage. It’s pretty much self explanatory. You will also see total memory usage and amount of total disk usage from this window.
Battery Memory System Status Monitor App ScreeshotProcess: You can understand from it’s naming, this section of BMSSM displays all the application running on the background and total usage of CPU in orange color. I found particularly this section to be very useful if you want to cut down some pressure on you CPU. Simply tapping twice on home button you can find the list of all running application which is a native function of iOS 5. Close some of those running application and instantly you will see the change on Process window. Super cool isn’t it?

System: This window provides mostly the hardware and Operating system related information of your device. Your device model, name, unique UDID, version of iOS running on your device and CPU related information can be easily found here.

Network: Whether you are connected over Wi-Fi or simply cellular network this section’s window will provide you very basic connectivity related information. Status of your network connection will be displayed with either green or red bullet point along with your IP and MAC address. Interestingly, you won’t find any Bluetooth connectivity related information.

Now, there are so many apps are out there which are quite capable of providing you lots of system related information. However, I came across only few application which is as robust as BMSSM is. Best part of all BMSSM is absolutely free as of today. So, simply give it a shot and I am confident that you will like this app. Hey, it’s free anyway. Let us know, how was it.

Category: Utilities
Developer: Chan UK Jeon
Price: Free
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
iTunes Link: Here
Our Rating: 4/5

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