How to Manually Review your friend’s Taggings on Facebook

by • On Jun 4, 12 2:54am • 4344 Views

It’s always good to know what exactly your friends are doing on Facebook. What images they are looking at or which videos they are watching. Perhaps you also can enjoy the same content if your friend cares to tag you. But don’t you think sometimes your friend goes beyond their boundary and tags you on some stupid things, simply out of their curiosity? Whether it’s a video or an image, sometimes getting yourself tagged on  silly or stupid things could be really embarrassing. Especially if you have some “not so close” friends or your colleagues on your friends list, you really don’t want them to see where you are being tagged on.

Ofcourse if you think you are absolutely ok with their taggings, you can let them to add you. But wouldn’t it be great, if you could review them before you made it public through your timeline? If you think that what exactly you want to do, this is the post for you. Today in this post, I will explain how you can control others from tagging you on Facebook. This is what you need to do.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook Account.
Step 2: Click on the down arrow menu (next to home) and select “Privacy Settings”.
Facebook Home Drop Down Menu
Step 3: From the new page, find “Timeline and Tagging” and click on “Edit Settings”. Another pop-up window will appear which would look very similar to the image given below.
Facebook Tagging Control Window
Step 4: Carefully take a look at the red marked options and turn them “On”.
Step 5: Make necessary adjustments and click on “Done” button.

That’s pretty much it. From now on, if anyone wants to tag you on anything, you will get a notification which will be asking for your approval. Those taggings will appear on your timeline only and if only you approve them. This is one of the very best way to control Facebook’s tagging feature. Even though you would always have the option to remove your name from the taggings, it’s always better to review them before your make it public.

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