50/50 – A Emotional Roller-Coaster

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Adam Lerner has a pleasant job, a pretty girlfriend, and a funny friend. He doesn’t smoke or drink, carefully watches his diet. One day, he has a back pain, and goes for a check-up. The doctors tell him that, he has a malignant tumor along the spine.

A 27-year old teetotaler, with a rare type of cancer. Don’t worry, this  isn’t one of those struggling with cancer stories. Jonathan Levine’s ’50/50′ is inspired by a screenwriter Will Reiser’s own experience, who had 50/50 chance of surviving the cancer.

50/50 Movie PosterAdam(Joseph-Gordon Levitt) has to face his imminent mortality with the hepl of his friend Kyle(Seth Rogen), and Katherine (Anna Kendrick), a 24-year-old psychologist-in-training. His girlfriend (Bryce Dallas Howard) promises to stand by him through thick and thin but she doesn’t like to go into hospitals because they’re filled with so much negative energy. Adam’s controlling mother wants to move with him, but his ego don’t want her to take care of him. Adam finds hard to sort his emotions in response to the cancer. Did Adam came through his 50/50 survival percent or not?

Performance Analysis
Joseph Gordon-Levitt performance as Adam is impressive. He portrays Adam, as a bright young man who demonstrates courage and vulnerability in the face of death.

Seth Rogen as Kyle is both a blessing and curse to Adam. Rogen’s Kyle might only be able to relate to his buddy’s illness with nervous jokes, but he sticks with him through head-shaving and surgery and despair. Anna Kendrick’s Katherine is off-putting at first, but her character grows throughout the film. Anjelica Houston is perfect as the over-bearing mother of Adam.

Movie Analysis
Jonathan Levine and screenwriter Will Reiser wonderfully balances the tragedy with Rogen’s blunt comedy. Even though, the plot of the movie might seem simple and predictable, it doesn’t take you through the hysterical, wild weeping path of a cancer movie. He avoids sappy sentimentality, but evokes our true emotions. ’50/50′ is not a movie about suffering, it’s about someone fighting and dealing that suffering. 50/50 is a emotional wisdom.

Watch 50/50, and get acquainted with Adam. You will become a stronger person than you were before watching the movie.

MPAA Rating: R for language throughout, sexual content and some drug use

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