Intel and McAfee focuses on Cloud Security Issues

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There are no secrets on Cloud computing world. Its reality and its happening right in front of our eyes. As the time passes by we are looking at more innovative and technologically advanced computing world being unfolded. But the concerns over the security issues are also being noticed by some. At least Intel and McAfee are taking this security issue very seriously. As the outcome of their joint effort, both corporations recently outlined few technologies to secure the cloud computing world.
Intel recently conducted a survey to gather information from 800 IT professionals from four different countries which includes Germany, United Kingdom, China and United States. Intel itself is highly involved with these IT professional’s and their companies’ cloud initiatives. Intel made their research report available from their website. So, feel free to download and read their entire report if you are interested. However, In this post we will focus on some those key issues that Intel has found from their research.

  • Companies that have adopted public cloud are seeing a higher number of security breaches than they experience with their traditional IT infrastructure.
  • IT professionals report that nearly one-third of the security threat faced by their companies comes from internal sources.
  • In the private cloud, IT professionals are mot concerned with lack of control.
  • In the public cloud, IT pros are concerned with measurement of security capabilities as well as with control.
  • Compliance concerns are keeping some types of workloads and data out of the cloud.
  • For both public and private cloud, hypervisor vulnerabilities are a widespread concern.
  • For public cloud, 98 percent IT professionals want a way to measure cloud service providers’ security posture.

Intel Corporation expects (PDF) that by the year 2015, there would be more than 3 billion connected users and over 15 billion connected devices will be driving more than 1,500 exabytes of cloud traffic.
Country wise Public Cloud Security Concern by Intel

Country Wise Security Concern over Public Cloud Issues – Intel

McAfee also addressed some of the challenges that the cloud technology might face on upcoming days and also provided possible solutions on how exactly they are thinking to prevent such security breach. However, Intel and McAfee both agreed on various hardware and software based solutions to face these challenges. Jason Waxman, Intel GM of Cloud Infrastructure Group shares his thoughts in this blog on how Intel’s and McAfee’s joint efforts may accelerate Cloud adoption.

Even though most of the current Cloud computing technologies are being implemented more by the large organizations than the private sectors, but it holds the potential to grow nearly every sector on upcoming days. Whether it is because they want to provide efficient and cost-effective services or some other reason, Cloud technologies are here to stay.

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