How to Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data

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Ever wondered to collect all the information that you have shared on your Facebook profile? When I said “all the information”, I meant your Facebook profile information, wall posts, photos on your profile, notes that you wrote, list of your current friends, events and the messages that you have sent to others. I am pretty sure that’s whole lots of information.
Download Facebook Data ArchiveNow, someone might ask, why should I download all these information? Well, after downloading all these information you will get an overall idea on what exactly you are sharing on Facebook. If you are one of those person who are little concern about their privacy, this could be a very good way to make sure you are not sharing personal information that could possibly cause your Facebook identity theft. I am pretty sure, you don’t want that anyway.

Please keep it in mind that there are two different types of Data downloading options available. One is the general data archive and another one is expanded archive. Very normally, expanded archive includes more information compare to the general one. It will include your IP address, log in and log out information, pending friends requests, account status changes information etc. These information are crucial to find any un-authorized access of your account.

In this post we will show you both. So, have some patience and read the post carefully.

Download the Data Archive:

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account.
Step 2: Once logged in, take a look at the top menu bar. Click on the down arrow which is next to Home menu. Click on “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu.
Facebook Menu - Drop down Arrow
Step 3: You should see the “Settings” window. Click on “General” tab and look at all the way bottom of window where it says “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” Click on the hyper linked text.
Step 4: Now, we want you to pause for couple seconds here. At this point, if you want to get your general Facebook data, simply click on “Start My Archive” (Green colored with white text). If you want to get even more information, click on “Expanded Archive”. Follow the steps accordingly.

Now, it’s your turn to think which archive you want to download. Facebook might ask you few questions or to provide some information during the downloading process to make sure your data download link is being send to the right person. In this case, it’s you of course.

Please note that, it might take sometime to get the data download link on your email address. If you don’t get any email from Facebook regarding your download link, please check your spam folder of your email client. Once you successfully download the data, analyze it and decide what to share and what not to. Stay safe and happy Facebooking.

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