How to Download Free iPhone & iPod Touch Wallpapers from Facebook App

by • On Apr 29, 12 1:24am • 4478 Views

If you are an iPhone or iPod Touch user then I am pretty sure once in a while you want to change your wallpapers. It’s not because you don’t like your current wallpaper but it’s more like you get bored with any single wallpaper after using it for long time.

Trust me, I got the same problem. I like to change my iPhone’s wallpaper every now and then. So, if you are like me, this post is for you. I hate downloading thousands of apps from iTunes store and browser through all those free cheap wallpaper’s app that display ads. So, I figured a way to store and share some cool wallpapers with my friends and family members. Don’t worry as an e-dirts’s visitor, you also can share our thousands of wallpapers.

This is how it Works:
Step-1: Visit our official Facebook page and Like us. This way you will find our Facebook page from your Facebook app on your iPhone. Next time when we upload more photos, you will get the auto notification.

Step-2: Log in to your Facebook app from your iPhone and tap on blue button with three white stripes on it from the top left hand corner of the screen.
Launch Facebook AppStep-3: Scroll down and fined the “Pages” section. You should find “” page. Click on “See All” if you can’t find our official page.

Step-4: Tap on our page logo and it will take you to our Facebook home page. Now, tap on “Photos” button from the bottom right hand corner of the app.
Go to Photos Tab on Facebook AppStep-5: At this stage you will see all of our photo albums. Find “iPhone Wallpapers” album and tap on it again to browse all of our photos.

Step-6: Tap on any wallpaper that you like. You will see the wallpaper on full screen mode. Tap on the image for once and the menu bar will pop up.

Step-7: Tap on the white arrow type button from the top right hand corner, it will give you the option to download or save pictures on your phone.
Tap on Photo for Menu Bar

Step-8: Once saved, check your iPhone’s default “Photos” app. Tap on the image that you just saved. Tap on the image once again for the menu bar. Tap on the arrow button from the bottom left hand corner.
Make Wallpaper from Photos AppStep-9: Few options will pop up, select “Use as Wallpaper”. That’s all.

So, there your have it. From now on you can simply visit our Facebook page and download any wallpaper you want. Feel free to make any comments. If you like our effort, spread the word. Enjoy.

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