How to Watch Live TV Channels on Your iOS and Android Device

by • On Apr 27, 12 3:28am, Updated: May 9, 12 11:17am • 6548 Views

Watching live TV channels for free on smart phones are one of those long anticipated feature for many user. Unfortunately it never happened, not at least officially. Even though there are some subscription based on demand live TV channels and their apps are out there but it really never grabbed that much attention.

It seems like things are about to change. Recently, I came across a website called iOSLiveTV which provides absolutely free online TV channels. You can watch many popular TV channels from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Russia. Fortunately or unfortunately there are some live adult TV channels are there as well.

Now someone might wonder how possibly you can watch live TV on iOS devices when they don’t support Flash content. Well, with the blessings of new HTML5 technology they made it happen. By profession I am a web designer, so when I was checking their HTML code I could clearly see that they are not using actual HTML5 coding for their entire site but it was just for the sake of the video they used HTML5 code. Talk about being tricky.

However, it was quite interesting to see that most of these video channels don’t work from desktop computers (it wasn’t meant to be though) but worked fine from iOS devices. I already tested it on my iPad with Wi-Fi internet connection and it worked just fine. Screenshot on iPadAt some point I was wondering why they didn’t make an app for their site? But later on I figured that Apple won’t let anyone to publish such app which violates the copyright act. Apple is pretty strict about their policies, so even if the web site makes an app for iOS devices it won’t make it through all Apple’s restrictions.

Feel free to visit their website and let us know how was it. Does it work on your Andriod or iOS devices?

Update: iOSLiveTV has changed their URL recently from “.com” to “.net”. Thank you “marioseppinio”.

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