iOS 4.3 is “Coming Soon”

by • On Mar 2, 11 17:27pm, Updated: May 27, 11 17:28pm • 1007 Views

After waiting for a pretty long time, finally Apple broke it’s silence about iOS 4.3, saying “Coming Soon” on it’s web site. Even though there are no specific date defined but we are assuming it’s going to be March 11th. As today Apple announced it’s new generation of  iPad called “iPad2″, which will go online and retail store for sale on the very same date. Even though you can place order for iPad2 right now but it won’t be available for shipping yet.

Now, here comes the most interesting part for those who are waiting for their iPhone 4 carrier unlock with newer baseband on iOS 4.2. Well known iOS carrier unlocking app(Ultrasn0w) maker “Sherif Hashim” recently replied someone’s tweet saying “the one I found is working on both”. What really Sherif meant is that the unlock will work for the baseband 3.10.01 including another version. It’s not clear yet what possibly could be another version of new baseband! It’s important to note that newer iPhone 4 comes with newer BB which is not carrier unlockable yet now. Stay tuned for latest update & news.

Update: Another BB is 04.10.01, which means even the latest iPhone 4 would be carrier unlockable.

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