Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin is Ready to Roll

by • On Apr 26, 12 16:04pm • 1599 Views

After waiting for a long time, Ubuntu has finally released its latest operating system 12.04 Precise Pangolin. This is an LTS (Long term support) version which means it will be supported for next five years. Canonical’s Ubuntu is a very well known, Linux based operating system which is trusted by well over 20 million of its users worldwide.
Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolina
Since Ubuntu is a freeware and open source software, you easily download the latest version from its download page. If you are already using the previous version (11.10), you can also upgrade it through update manager. It really doesn’t matter whether you have a Windows computer or a Mac because Ubuntu supports both of them. You can either install a fresh copy of it or run it with you existing operating system. If you are still not convinced, you are more than welcome to try it out from live USB stick of from a CD before install.

There are some new enhancements has been implemented on the Ubuntu 12.04. The Head-Up display or HUD is one those. It will give you an alternative way to interact with your computer. Instead of clicking on menus to give instructions you can simply press one key which will prompt the HUD and from there you can just type to execute any action. This feature could be really helpful if you lots applications already installed on your computer. With Ubuntu, you never run out of free applications.

Another cool feature on this version of Ubuntu is “The Video Lens”. It helps users to find videos from various sources. Whether the video is on your computer or online, as soon as you type something it will display a list of video which matches with your keywords. Of course you must be connected with the internet to find the online videos. The most interesting part of all is you don’t need to open up any Web browser for that. It will display the videos on your native desktop screen. Talk about awesomeness.

You can also visit the Ubuntu’s what’s new page to find more information on the latest features.

Interestingly, Ubuntu has finally got rid of its sluggish Banshee music player and for the first Rhythmbox has been added as the default music player. It has already been integrated with Ubuntu One Music Store for purchasing music albums and tracks.

As a long time Ubuntu user, I am pretty sure the new Ubuntu 12.04 will be well accepted among its users. In fact we will see lot more people heading towards Linux. I already downloaded the new version and installed it on my desktop along with Windows. It works like charm. Let us know your experience with the Ubuntu. And for some reason if you are still not using Ubuntu, give it a shot. Hey! It’s free anyway right?

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