Earpiece problem on my iPhone 4

by • On Feb 6, 11 17:25pm, Updated: May 27, 11 17:26pm • 2410 Views

There is an old saying that I really like: Hope for the best & plan for the worst. To be very honest, I never had any backup plan for the worst case scenario regarding my iPhone 4, rather I had expectations, definitely the positive one. It took less than six months to shatter my expectations and it really exceeded more than that.

What really happened on last Friday is that I got a call from one of my long time buddy. I wasn’t surprised at all just because she called after a long time rather I was little puzzled that she wasn’t saying anything. I thought, she was messing with me or may be she didn’t mean to call me but what I really discovered later on is that my favorite iPhone’s earpiece wasn’t working. However, I called her back just to know whether she did call me or not, she picked up the call right away but again she wasn’t talking. I hang up and texted her asking what’s wrong? She replied “…may b u couldn’t hear me.” I plugged in my headphone right away and called her again, this time it was crystal clear & i could hear everything.

Now, what I learned from this is that my iPhone’s earpiece is dead means it’s totally dead. I couldn’t figure it out that why it would happen all of sudden? I am still searching for that answer but most probably there is no answer. Later on, I googled with my problem and found some people from blog or forums having the same problem. Some of them were suggesting their personal tricks to fix the problem, I tried nearly every single one. Nothing really happened.

Next day, I went to Apple store at fifth avenue and got a new replacement. Now, the problem is my previous iPhone was running iOS 4.1 which was jailbroken & unlocked. What I got right now is running 4.2.1 with 3.10.01 baseband on it, which is not unlockable right now, means I am stuck with this new phone and can’t use it.

So far I can understand, it wasn’t only  me. There are so many people out there who had the same problem but it just wasn’t a hot topic to talk about as most of them got their new phone. I think it’s very interesting and quite serious hardware flaw that apple should not overlook. This is entirely my personal opinion. You are most welcome to share your’s one below.

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