Apple Releases OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3

by • On Apr 19, 12 4:56am, Updated: Nov 16, 14 17:55pm • 2139 Views

Apple has just released its latest developer preview 3 of OS X Mountain Lion. This release has been made available at a time when many OS X Lion users are still recovering from the recent Flashback Trojan malware attack.
Mac OS X Mountain Lion Logo by Apple
However, Apple is calling this preview as the ninth major release of OS X family. It was quite interesting to see that how Apple is bringing popular mobile operating system iOS and Mac OS together, which Apple admits openly by saying “inspired by iPad”. As the popularity of apps growing every day, there are no wonder why Apple taking serious measures to merge two great operating system in such an innovative way.

On Mountain Lion, Apple will introduce revolutionary Messages, Notes, Reminders, Notification center, twitter integration and Game center apps to the mac users. So, basically for most of the Apple mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) user, it would be a very well-known world.

Two features that really stand out from the typical iOS platform is the addition of “Share Sheets” and “Gatekeeper”. Share Sheets will make users to share links, photos, and videos directly from the apps. Users can share content through Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, Messages, Mail, AirDrop apps. Perhaps, if you want you can even add your own share destination.

On the other hand “Gatekeeper” is a new security feature which will allow users to have absolute control over all the apps. User can choose which app can be downloaded and installed on their Mac computers. This is definitely a bold move by Apple to make sure user’s computer are not vulnerable at any circumstances.

On this preview, Apple has identified some “Known Issues” which would be there on this build. For an example, the DVD player may not launch automatically on some machines once the DVD has been inserted. Display brightness may change automatically after sleep or a reboot. You can even find some icon are missing totally.

So, if you are an OS X developer and want to try out this new build, feel free to visit Apple’s Mac Dev Center  web page to download the latest preview of Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

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