Google Launches Affiliate Ads for Blogger

by • On Apr 18, 12 15:53pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 17:55pm • 1719 Views

There are no doubts that Google AdSense is one of the very best ways to generate money from your website. This is not classified information anymore and lots of popular webs, blog sites are using AdSense ads to monetize their contents.

Starting from today, Google is launching another program which they call “Affiliate Ads for Blogger” which is exclusively made available for Blogger account holders only. On AdSense, you just need to copy and paste the ad code on your site to display random ads but through Google’s affiliate program you can promote very specific products on your blog post. If any purchase is being made from your link, you will get a commission. This is what Google posted on their blog post.

When you post about a brand or product from a featured advertiser, the Google Affiliate Ads for Blogged widget will help you to display an affiliate ad in your blog, which can be a text link, a product image, or a banner. You may earn commissions when someone clicks on your ads and makes a purchase on the advertiser’s site, going beyond “payment per click” to “payment per action” and extending the influential relationship you have with your audience.

Let me give you an example; let’s say you are writing a review on a binocular. You can add the link of that product on your post. If anyone clicks on that link and purchases that binocular you will earn commission from the sale. That’s how exactly you can make money. Take a look at the video below to get a better understanding.

To me, this is more like a Google’s approach to follow Amazon Associate’s program, which implements the same concept to monetize blog or web sites. However, we must admit that this program will open up a new door for “Blogger” users to make extra bucks from their blog posts.

Remember, you need to have a Google AdSense account to get paid but it’s not necessary to display AdSense ads on your blog.

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