How to improve your iPhone’s battery life

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Ever  since I got my iPhone 3G, I always had complain about the battery life. Especially people like me who are hardcore cell phone user can’t get enough. However, Apple successfully improved their iPhone’s battery life over time along with maintaining & adding many robust features. Even after huge improvement you might not get the most out of your iPhone just because of the battery. Here are some of the tips if you really want to make sure the optimum use of  your iPhone.
Improve iPhone's Battery LifeTurn WiFi Off
One of the major reason why your iPhone’s battery doesn’t last for long is that you keep it on for ever. Even though it’s true that WiFi uses less battery power compare to your 3G connection. However, it’s always better to turn your cellphone’s WiFi off while you don’t need them to save your battery life.

How: Settings.

Turn Bluetooth Off
Most of the cases people who uses Bluetooth headphone with their iPhone, do not turn their bluetooth once the conversation is over, as they think they will use it soon. Unless if you are not using your phone on a very busy schedule keep the Bluetooth off, definitely that will save the battery. Try to make it as your habit.

How: Settings > General.

Turn off 3G
As I wrote earlier, if you are very much dependent on your 3G internet connection possibility is there that your phone’s battery might not last for long. Keep it off whenever it’s possible or try to use WiFi instead.

How: Settings > General > Network.

Turn off Vibration
Undoubtly vibration is one of the very important feature that we all do need at some point. Whether you are in classroom or at office, sometimes you may want to turn it off if you are not on a busy schedule. Keep it in front of  your eyes, may be on your desk or table.

How: Settings > Sounds.

Adjust the Brightness
This is another major reason of loosing your battery so fast. iPhone got pretty big & shiny screen which needs huge battery power to keep it running. Keep the brightness of your screen around 40-50%. I used 30% which saves a lot of battery power. You can also turn off “Auto Brightness” feature as it works on the background & uses sensory devices to determine whether or not it should increase or decrease the brightness by itself.

How: Settings > Brightness.

Turn off the Sound effects
Did you ever follow that every time you press the keyboard of your device to type something it makes a sound? If you did, may be it’s a good idea to turn it off. You got no uses of that sound anyway. This might not save your battery a lot but definitely it helps.

How: Settings > Sounds.

Location Services
You can keep your “Location Services” off if you are not using Google map or any other application that might use such feature.

How: Settings > General.

Use Autolock
Autolock is a very good feature of iPhone to save the battery when it’s not being used. Set the auto-lock time for 1 minute, as we have learned earlier that as long as the screen is on it will be draining your battery. Best thing would be if you can manually put your phone into sleep mode once you are done with your job. You can do that simply pressing the button on the top of your phone.

How: Settings > General.

Turn off Push mail
I do understand that for some people its important to get the mail right away. May be thats the reason why they keep their push mail option on. But if you are not one of them keep it off all the time. You might want to setup the “Fetch” option to manually. This way the phone will not check for your mail automatically after a certain period of time but you always can check whenever you want.

How: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calenders > Fetch New Data.

Turn off EQ
Under the “iPod” settings of your phone, you may want to turn off the EQ. Basically you don’t need that unless you are into any specific genre type of music you want to listen. Keep it off and enjoy the original music rather than having it  modified by the phone itself.

How: Settings > iPod.

Charge Cycles
May be it’s a good idea to drain your battery entirely once in a moth and charge it again from the very beginning. This way you keep your battery healthy. Keep it mind that as per Apple you can only do that for 400 time & will have 80% of the original battery power. Maintain a date for charge cycles, like beginning of the month or middle of the month. No matter when you do that make sure you keep track of it and do the same thing again around 30 days later.

How: Manually.

Maintenance of Application
Avoid installing too many application. Remove any app that you barely use or do not use at all. Since multitasking was launched from iOS 4 we got a trend of running multiple app at a time and not to close them once your job is done. As the app runs in the background it still drains your battery. Press your iPhone’s home button twice at a time to see the apps that are running in the background, tap on the app & hold it for few seconds to close them properly.

How: From Home button.

Update the Latest Software
Always keep your iPhone updated with the new release of iOS or even different applications. Often the new release of any application contains the latest features that can help you to get the most out of your device.

How: From iTunes or from App Store.

Besides all these, if you ever see that your iPhone is getting hot while charging make sure to take off the case (if there is any). Because overheating might cause severe battery damage. By following  these tips you definitely can improve your iPhone’s battery life. However, some of these feature may not be available on your old iPhone like first gen.

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