How to Check if Your Mac is Infected with Flashback Trojan?

by • On Apr 11, 12 23:34pm • 4231 Views

Unlike Windows, Mac computers basically don’t suffer from widespread malware, spyware, virus etc. Now, it seems like some people are really jealous about Mac and finally figured out a way to exploit it. Recent Flashback Trojan has already (BackDoor.Flashback.39 variant) infected well over 600 thousands of Mac computers. This Trojan basically targets an unpatched Java vulnerability within Mac OS X.

Flashback Trojan HorseThe new malware which is being called flashback.I is being transmitted by displaying message (it recommends installing the flash update) while visiting certain web sites. If someone clicks on that message they get a false flash player installation window and as soon as someone proceeds with that installation, it installs malware codes. Eventually this malware connects to remote server and sends various information about the Mac infected computer.

However, if you are a Mac user and really worried about the widespread Flashback Trojan (Trojan horse), there are ways to check your computer right now. Hey, it’s better to be safe than sorry later on.

All you need to is go to the github site and download a little tool called “FlashbackChecker”. Don’t worry you don’t have to install anything. This is a standalone software which means you can simply run it just by clicking on it. This little tool is provided by the world known computer security firm “F-Secure”, so you can use it without even thinking twice.
FlashbackCheckher ScreenshotUnfortunately, this tool won’t remove the trojan from your computer. However, if you find your computer to be infected already, F-Secure has posted a manual method of removing this trojan from you computer. Simply by following step by step procedure you can remove any Trojan from your Mac.

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