How to Remove Comments Count Column From Pages’s Admin Panel

by • On Apr 3, 12 2:24am, Updated: Apr 10, 12 12:57pm • 4667 Views

WordPress Tips and TricksI am not quite sure since when people started using comment system for their WordPress pages?! You have got thousands of blog posts where your readers can make comments yet you still need page comments? Ok, no offense but I find it to be really boring. I understand that for some people it could be really handy but not for me.

What really annoys me the most is the page comment count column at the admin panel. Very normally we don’t have any comment system on our pages so, it’s pretty much worthless for us to have the comment count panel. Take a look at the screenshot given below, if you don’t know what exactly I am talking about.
Page Comments Column on WordPressToday in this post, I will share a very little snippet code which you can use to remove the page comment count column from the admin panel. Enough intro, let’s get started now. Here is the code.

function remove_pcomments($defaults) {
return $defaults; }
add_filter('manage_pages_columns', 'remove_pcomments');

All you have to do now is to copy the code and paste in on your theme’s functions.php file. Update the page once you are done with placing the code.

Now, go back to “Pages” menu and take a look at the right hand side of the screen. Yay, there are no comments count column. Such a relief. This post could be really useful, especially for those who are not using native WordPress comment system on their site or on pages.

Let us know, if you like our snippet codes. Feel free to share it.

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