Apple TV 2G Gets Seas0nPass Jailbreak For iOS 5.1

by • On Apr 1, 12 14:07pm, Updated: Nov 16, 14 17:56pm • 2120 Views

It was really good to see that finally FireCore has come out with their new iOS 5 (5.1 to be specific, baseband 9B179b) jailbreak for Apple TV 2. So, you are pretty much out of luck if you have a third generation Apple TV which supports 1080p capability. Unfortunately, this is an updated tethered jailbreak which means, you have to connect your Apple TV with your PC every time you reboot your unit. It’s bit boring but hey, it’s better than non-jailbreak units.

Apple TV 2 - Seas0nPass JailbreakOn a recent blog post FireCore has confirmed the availability of their jailbreak system which you can download from their web site or from the link given below.

Guys at the FireCore are working hard to bring Jailbreak for Apple TV 3 as soon as possible however they did not indicate any ETA date. So, there is nothing really we can do about it until FireCore issues any update on this regards.

If you don’t know by now then remember there are few changes on new iOS 5.1 for Apple TV. The brand new user interface will give you the fast access to all of your content. On the other hand you can purchase movies and play them from iCloud. Genius recommendations for your contents and ability to select National Geographic photos as your secreensaver.
Screenshot of iOS on Apple TVNote that you don’t have to update the iOS to use this jailbreak and all Apple TV Flash (Black) features will continue to be supported on iOS 4.2 and later versions. There are several popular plugins which are supported on iOS 5.1 now,, Couch Surfer, Maintenance, Media Player, RSS Feeds, Weather are some of them. However, if you are using Overflow, Plex, Remote HD, XMBC, Rowmote plugin on your unit now, expect them to be not working on iOS 5.1.
Download Seas0nPass for Mac (10.6 or Later).
Download Seas0nPass for Windows (Win XP or Later).

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