How to Send Anonymous Emails from Your Android Device Using Fake Emailer

by • On Mar 28, 12 19:18pm • 5317 Views

Sending emails from your smart phone is nothing new but what about sending email anonymously? Once in a while sending anonymous email to your friend could be really fun. Well, I assume you are not going to send anonymous email to your Professor, unless you really think it’s a good idea. So, proceed with caution.

There are no wonders why Android users community is growing every day. Awesome apps are being released nearly everyday, may be this is just one reason why people like Android devices. I just came across another very interesting app called “Fake Emailer”.

Fake Emailer - Android AppAs we all know by now, every time we send email to our family or friends they instantly know that who is sending it. Fake Emailer does just the opposite of it. It will hide your very own identity yet your message will be sent. However, if you want you definitely can mention your name or simply you can right whatever you want on sender’s field (From Name).

Frankly, there are nothing special to talk about this app. This is as simple as it can get. All you have to do is to download and install this app on your device and tap on it to open. Type your message and tap on “Send” button. That’s pretty much it.

Best part of this app that I really liked and I think it was well justified is, you can’t send more than 3 email per day. Which means if you are one of those evil spammer and thinking of using this app to email thousands of people to make their life more miserable, your are out of luck. Go somewhere else.

May be this is just one of the biggest reason why the author thought of adding some “terms of service” which I found to be interesting yet valid.

  • I accept that I will not use this application for any illegal activities.
  • I accept that the data I have entered will not be used for other purposes than sending an ‘anonymous’ mail.
  • I will not use this application to spam people.
  • I accept that the creators of this application are not responsible for anything I do with this application.
  • I accept that the send date will be saved for the statistics of this application.

However, if you want to send unlimited emails, you have to buy the Pro version of it just for $1.31. Now it’s your turn to think which one you want. Regardless your very own choice, let us remind you once again that we do not encourage anyone to use this cool app to exploit it in any way or form. We hate spammers as well. Hope you will enjoy this app.

Download Fake Emailer from Google Play Store.

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