Collaborative Editing will be Added in LibreOffice

by • On Mar 28, 12 3:28am, Updated: Nov 16, 14 17:57pm • 2887 Views

Collaborative editing is a great feature which we are all having in Google Docs today, will be added in LibreOffice. By this feature multiple persons can edit a single document at the same time. It is a time saving tool for many people who work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations altogether. No need to worry about saving, attaching them into emails, merging down the changes and other time wasting tasks.

Collaborative editing is a very important and necessary feature in LibreOffice today, since many people are adopting it as a default office suite for day to day personal or office purpose. There is no doubt that, after implementation of this LibreOffice will become even much bigger competitor to MS Office and may be to the Google Docs too.

But, we have to wait for a short period of time because more this feature is still there as an idea for LibreOffice at Google Summer of Code. Students in programming, who are familiar with C++ programming language and have profound knowledge of Telepathy and DBus, are eligible to contribute in implementation of this feature. For further information and contacts read here. And also, there are more ideas awaiting to be implemented in LibreOffice, which can also be chosen to contribute in.

Well, some developers are already working on collaborative editing prototype and they have made a small screen-cast video demonstrating how LibreOffice could be used in collaboration with others over Internet:


If you like realistic quakes and original cameras instead of screen-casting, then there is one more small video uploaded by Michael Meeks (a developer in LibreOffice and many other open source projects), talking about the same LibreOffice collaborative editing prototype between two different computers.

Let’s hope for this great feature to be added in open community’s favorite office suite.

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