New Linux Kernel 3.3 Contains Kernel Codes from Android Project

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Recently Linus Torvalds has released the 3.3 version of Linux Kernel. This release contains more important changes and improved features. He has also mentioned that development on Linux 3.4 has already started.

The most important feature on new Linux 3.3 is Android Merge. You probably know that Android uses a self-modified version of Linux kernel in its core. Because of some disagreements between developers of both Linux and Android, the kernel code from Android project has not been merged back to Linux kernel. Now, since these disagreements had popped out, various Android subsystems and it’s features has already been merged into Linux kernel and more will do in future. This will help both Android and Linux communities that want mutual support in both Android and Linux.

Android + Linux = Lindroid

Other major features are as listed below:

1. Improved balancing, raid restripping and debugging on Btrfs.

2. Open vSwitch instead of Linux Bridge.

3. Better bonding of network interfaces – teaming

4. Better ext4 online resizing.

5. New architecture – TI C6X

6. EFI boot support.

7. Per-cgroup TCP buffer limits.

8. Bufferbloat fighting – Byte queue limits.

9. Network priority control group.

For more high level details on these features and other important changes like drivers and bug fixes, it is worth to go through Linux 3.3 on

Linux 3.3 is very promising and brings lots of performance improvements. Lots of kernel developers who has been condtributed to the Linux kernel, has worked very hard and that should appreciated by downloading Linux 3.3 from its official website

And lets wait for the next Linux 3.4 with more improved performance.

Happy tuxing :)

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