LibreOffice Gets New Updates with Additional Security & Stability

by • On Mar 16, 12 18:00pm • 2079 Views

On Thursday, The Document Foundation (TDF) has announced the release of it’s Office package software which is widely known as “LibreOffice”. The latest version 3.5.1 is the second release of 3.5 family which is redesigned to improve the software’s Security and Stability issues. TDF addressed that LibreOffice 3.5 was targeted for private individuals and enterprise markets.
LibreOffice Logo - The Document Foundation
“LibreOffice 3.5.1 fixes the majority of the most-important bugs identified by users and is expected to be appealing for most enterprises.” says TDF on it’s blog. This Office package is available right now for download for major operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Even though LibreOffice 3.5.1 is not a major release over 3.5 but it has fixed over 90 different bugs which you can find from it’s change logs.

Since the birth of TDF back in September 2010, they have attracted over 400 of developers from all around the world. In an average they are getting over 20 new hackers every month who are joining their project. As Italo Vignoli, member of the Board of Directors states, “During the last month, the number of TDF hackers has overtaken the threshold of 400 code developers, with a large majority of independent volunteers and several companies paying full time hackers. In any case, the project is independent, as none of these companies employs more than 7% of the developers”.

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